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Need to Check with Ryan Sarver about Twitter Tag Breach

A note for details on the new Twitter Tag Service

Bug Resolved - Twitter Tagging Service

Column retweet added to the tweet stream

Monkey Business - Social Behavior between United States and United Kingdom



Account Receivable - Pixel Project - $600

Don't call me nigger, whiteee

Ceo fired!!!

Venture Capital Isolation / Loneliness & Ukraine Social Constructs & Behavior leads to Bad Investments or Good - Both Sides of the Table - #nft #web3 #metaverse - Blame & Projections - Actions without Words Psychology

Costs - Deployment / Every Human - International #g20 #ukraine #funding #sxsw #film #music #technology ownership / Broken #USDS systems, including unemployment + food stamps + US customs + Bank

ITARBank - Tracking ITAR Files Funds

Reminder: Review itarCountyFiles with itarUSArmyFiles

Meeting with Mexican General - Discussed, cars and license plates.

itarSecurity: Update

itarSmugService / itarSmugEvents / itarSmugProgram

itarSmugHumans - itarSmugBiometrics / itarSmugPayloads

ITAR Integrations - Refactor / Re-Engineering / Re-Architecting Software Code / Agent Training / Phone / Biometrics / Sphere Notes - Nuclear Centering - Spiral String - Data Gathering

ITAR Nuclear Security - July 24th / 2020

ITAR Hacker Response - White House

One Million Per Soldier - Training Budget - Lean & Agile

ITAR Germany

ITAR China - Tracking Included - By Users

ITAR Israel - Security Clearance Required

Adding ITAR Jamaica - Agent Information

Adding ITAR India - Lean Startup

Adding ITAR Pakistan

Adding ITAR UK

Adding ITAR Afghanistan

Adding ITAR Italy + Switzerland (CERN) Geneva #g20 #ukraine

ITAR Restaurant Block

ITAR Crypto Block

Adding Crypto Countries - ITAR

Adding #ITAR Devices

ITAR Polygraph

ITAR Tracking - Mexico Cartel Crypto Agents Custom

Adding ITAR Canada

ITAR Light Switch On / Off - Worldwide

ITAR - Pneuma Agents (Worldwide)

ITAR #Starbucks 5am #Gun #Shooting #Trigger - To #Customer - First 5 Words - Speaking, Operation Paid by Other #Team, #Mexican #neighborhood - #Racist, #Manager.



Itar UN Approval - Security Clearance / Mexico

ITAR Sosa Mexico Capital Return Pyramids Cartel 2 Links Bi-Directional


Meeting an agent - Training 20 years Old.

ITAR Approval - Agents Deployed / Top Security Clearance

Adding ITAR Australia & New Zealand

Adding ITAR Africa

Itar France + Japan (Sample, Nuclear Robots)

Itar 1 sec - white lotus + red lotus

ITAR Payment - 30 years

ITAR Arizona

Itar Washington

Itar Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah

Itar Trump Organization


Itar Light / Shadow Wonders

Itar Payments - Wonder Wealth Distribution

Itar I Wonder Cash

Itar Wonder Ways, 13 wonders, total. universe - Wonderful English Expression.

Itar - Non-Itar Feedback: Travelled Agent Demo Lotus Wonder Cash

Itar Tracking 3 Astral Hackers - Nature / Body

Itar Nuclear Shield - Track Hole

ITAR Hong Kong

ITAR White Lotus Payment Montana / Son Teachings (Spirit / Daughter / Mother) - Family Payment

Itar Rainbow Family Local States - America - Red Lotus

Itar Senses - Sound one of them.

Itar Market Size Returns - Addiction Phone Media Digital Sound Learning Frequency Energy Accuracy - Social / Cancel Culture

Itar Soldier - North Korea & Iraq - black lotus + dog

Itar Electron Proton Neutron - Rain Nucleus Shake

ITAR The Deus Group

ITAR Eye Balls - Half Black / Half White - off white - The Deus Group

Itar Buddi - Red Lotus Dragon Inspectors / Blue

Itar Key - Children Matrix 20%

ITAR Children Play

ITAR Digits Matrix

Itar Revenue Returns (Cartel) / Divident Soldier

Itar Plane Sky - Tracking + Satellites

Itar CEO

Itar Governor

Itar Plumber.

Itar Documents Black Market Sales Reinvested - Plane in the air.

Itar AI ID - Users (Artificial Intelligence + Identification)

Itar Biometrics Sample - Family photos / Black Market Sales

Itar Algorithms - Human Connection - Children Aggregate Real-Time with Black market agents in town, collecting data.

Itar Commercial vs Military License

Itar Experience - User Feedback Sound Frequency magnifying current

Itar Frequency - Things Speaking / Favorite Ones

Itar Key "you are", client / server architect - Biometrics sample - black market " obtained " with "consequence" - plane in the sky, "roger that", DARPA drugs " del illusions

"Maybe large", NFT ITAR AI @_bilal_shop METAVERSE: Black Market, copy cats, commercial, soldier jersey, replica, tiny drug sales, crypto, trades.

ITAR Investors / Dividend - Gift

Itar White List Investors 25% shares aside - preferred, commercial.

ITAR Swing - Speech Disorder, Opponents, Lisp, Tongue for Liars.

ITAR Broken / Accord / Kick Out of Team / Layoffs, Valentine. Revoked Privileges.

American ITAR Opponents / Militia / Bases Local / Buying Property Soldiers, 600 acres in Napa Valley, California

ITAR Competition / Traitors / Jealousy / No Money / No Education / Social Inferior / FOXP2 PTSD

ITAR Soldier Day - 11 days Selling Children in NAPA Valley, American Soldiers, 6 years old girl to a black man from Nevada.

ITAR Military Data / Civilian Casualties / FOXP2 PTSD / Social Interactions / After Murder, Rape

ITAR Orphans - No Father, Mother, Daughter got Sold in Black Market / Defending the Country.

ITAR Little Bitches - Bring 10 people to fight, including military, police, etc. but ended up doing nothing - Everyday, funded by 600 acres in Napa Valley, Militia Base, California.

ITAR Fight / Females - ACTION: American Girl vs Chinese, for example. REACTION: American or Chinese Man.

ITAR Winning vs Losing - The Definition of Doing, Something with Purpose, in Life - Tired of Being in Military, Social Media Crack + Family, is Fun

ITAR Learning - Anger, not Understanding as a Male, 60 years old - Compared to 6 years old, Child, gets it. Then using a gun, on children, becomes habit.

ITAR Corruption - Dead Bodies / Alive or Not - Male Psycho with Weapons - Children Targeted, UN CERN WHO NATO DARPA Notified - Funding

ITAR Country - Fully Militia / Behavior Analysis - Family & Children Affected, Worldwide, Hostage Situation.

ITAR Hostages behind Social Media Profiles / Crack

ITAR Napalm Delivery Requested

ITAR Insurgents - Special Missions / Bullet & Gun - NRA

ITAR Insurgents - Frustrated Men, Babies Sex.

ITAR English Understanding Accent International - Local vs World, Deals - Dollar in Bank Account or not.

ITAR Royal Family

ITAR Horse Shoe Theory - US, UK

ITAR Insurgency and Prostitution - UK, UK, NATO

ITAR Disruption - US, UK, NATO / BRICS Investments

ITAR BRICS - Double Helix / Pain / Brain

ITAR Matrix Re-alignment - Two Nodes - Buddha Bells by the Users.

ITAR Digestion - Food / Water / Animal Sex / Idaho Cows / Get Rid of Them for $700

Itar Mental Sickness - Pervert Enjoyment - Looking at Humans, Expecting Reaction, but Social Appeal Low, Tennis Shoes, in snow, temperature off.

ITAR 6 Weeks - Cold Winter / March 2023

ITAR Mental Block Log

ITAR Agents - Mental Kindness (Reward, Super Smart)

ITAR Guests / Mount Shasta / Snow Outside / Driving Dangerous / Falling Off Freeway

ITAR Code Freeze with actual Temperature, Biometrics, with User Phones, White List - Team Protection Weather Pattern Changes, Climate Change.

ITAR Robotic Soldiers Worldwide - Agents, Managing and Captains, with Notifications, Daily Tasks. Klamath River Rainbow Family.

ITAR Robotic Firemen / Military Trained.

ITAR Denver, Colorado - Security / Utah Gas Stations - Cartel Airports

Itar Father Blessing / Ambulance / Transportation Local / Bus / Train / Brics in Town (Model)

Itar Video Camera - Family / Mother Characteristics - Agent biometric - Cashier / Spark Plug

Itar Station - Energy Experiments Lab + 1 agent, psychic.

ITAR Missouri + Minnesota

ITAR "World's Greatest Army" - User Feedback

ITAR Ireland Army - One Soldier / CIA Tracking Walmart / Phone / Family Back Home / Pornography for Family Roots / Geo Advertising

Itar Saudi Arabia 911 Deal - Operation Disgrace - No Alerts or Notifications, Nuclear Secrets Exchange, UN & NATO + Ukraine + Russia + China

ITAR Requesting Operation Shutdown - Iran Deal / Uranium Nuclear Brain Damage Experiments DNA Manipulation to Insanity + mRNA Thoughts, Crazy Issues

ITAR Security Walmart / Private Security / Militia Job Openings / California Construction Workers / No Guns Though, for guarding Parking Lot, Rubber Bullets vs Helicopter Shooting / Marines.

ITAR Sorrow / Suffering / Family / 2 years old - No goals, meanwhile Migrants, killing for IT, opportunity vs unactionable humans - Robots

ITAR Orgy 6 years old girls - 60 years old men.

ITAR Civil War vs One Army International / Digital Weapons / Unmanned / Satellite Bombings

ITAR Final Bullet - Red House / White House - Soldier Evaluation / Hookers

ITAR IRA Deal - Canada Migration / Europe

ITAR Resume - Insurgents / Terrorists / Migration Different Country / Similar Interests / Room & Board Paid

ITAR Insurgent Bomb Attack, Across from Walmart - Operation Everyone Dies

ITAR Operation White Trash vs International

ITAR Canada / Oregon Militia - Bundy Contract - Cartel Agreements - Food Supply Mexican Trucks or Military Pre-package, Food Storage Required - Migrants, Bank Accounts Money + Food Stamps, benefits + Job Opportunity.

ITAR Black Lives Matter / Michael Jordan / North, South Carolina 3 Airports Closed

ITAR Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota - Native American Route - Axis Mundi - Civil War

ITAR Insurgent Drug - Marines

ITAR Employment Agent Training Coffee Shops / Hotels / Walmart - Secret Service Budget - Nuclear Radio Active Energy

ITAR South America WEB4 VR Palette - Colors / New Computer Design & Architecture Onboard Cars

Itar Head Set Inventor

Itar 007 - Ring Notification

ITAR Passport Checks / Police

ITAR Border Patrol - Buses and Train Passport Checks - Money / Cartel - Pay them with Revenue

ITAR Insurgent Teams - Illegal Passports / English vs Spanish Understanding - Partner / Lead on Phone with Car License Plate

ITAR Prisoner Columbia Migration Mexico City - Zona Rosa (Top Tier, Money Cartel Family Dance Clubs i9 Chip Computer Brain Malfunction Understanding Colors Only Black & White Mode)

ITAR Insurgent Testing - Age Groups / Gestures / English vs Spanish Teams / Non-Cartel, China Funding / Prisoners

ITAR Insurgent Phones with Tampons Advertising / Cartel Columbia - Not Respecting / Families, in South America, Special Operation, Homeland Security, to Airport.

ITAR Insurgent Shopping at Walmart, Baby Clothes, Husband Shoes and Sunglasses.

ITAR Vagina / Penis Nuclear - Ground Zero / Sexual Experiences Natural Americans, Mexicans & Partners

ITAR Car Lights Inventor / Trucks - Safeway Tracking Agents

ITAR G20 Ukraine European Union Funding / Nuclear Demo / UN & WHO notified, for Cash and NATO soldiers with CERN and DARPA, US marines, and one soldier, worldwide training, Department of Defense, Violations, Spying in Public, Intelligence Tracked for American Technology Credits and Mexico Cartels, behind food trucks.

ITAR FOXP2 PTSD - Non-partners / Stealing / Black Market Nuclear Secrets

ITAR Nuclear Uranium Cancer - Brain Blocks with Crypto Programming / Instruction / Black Market Human Network

ITAR Senator Security

ITAR Scientists - Nuclear Study / Upgrade - Healing Formula / Palmistry, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot Cards - Guidance Enabled, Mega Angels, brand new, no previous baggage re-installed, your guidance, magnified, same mirrors, different guidance, hacking the angels in Heaven and Hell.

ITAR Bosses - Tracking / Assignments / No Mistake / Tight Operations

ITAR - Dead Bodies Found, Redding California / Ukraine + Russians 500K - Highway 36 - Project Almond Milk

ITAR NRA - Tracking Operations Applications Users FBI / CIA - Social Network - Local vs Travelers to California

ITAR Weapons - Guns Found / Girls / 500k Dead Bodies, Redding, California, Highway 36

ITAR Monday Morning Sickness - Mental illness / Crazy Voices Inside - Perverts / Murders / Rape / Brain - Want Avatar Brain - Younger Guns, Older Socializing - Crack / Social Media / Phone Usage Watching Others / Competing / Tree Philosophy / Don't Use Digital for 20 years Old.

ITAR Speaking English / Not Understanding - Laughing 60 years old, Mario Business - Male / Slap / Gun / Wife / Shut up

ITAR Privilege HAHA > NRA, AR15 Redding, California HAHA Provocation to Texas / Nevada - Cause & Affect Violation - Secret Service above CIA FBI - Criminal (Submarine, Trains, Trucks) not Civil (Real Estate).

ITAR Underworld English Wetness Vagina - 60 years old - refurbished / Tantra Yoga / Pill for Clit / Come out of menopause - Still looking for balance, male and female, white blood cells and red ,out of fear, all her life, PTSD and FOXP2 of a gun and a man, looking at another girl.

ITAR Therapy - Middle Age Man, Actually working for US military vs 60 years, provoking insurgents - Male / Female / Haha Signal - Track Building - User profiles, Friend Network / Graph / Phone Logs / Since Born History - Goals, Middle School, High, or College and University, that would be like, spaceX, and getting a degree, so hard, and which major, not encouraged by parents and grand parents.

ITAR No Morality - Action, expecting trigger of Morality - Public Places - Constant Chatter in the Brain, Turrets - No Par with Society / Extreme

ITAR - Black Budget / Starbucks Employees - Agents - Realtime - Taking over Coffee Shops, Special Agents

ITAR UN Sanctions / Top Security Clearance Violations - Business Case "Black Budget" - Digital Tracking / Family Graph, Problems, Fixes for Children to Fix Math / English - Education Levels with Migrants Children to Learn - What American Militia couldn't Understood - Nuclear String in the Brian, Thoughts.

ITAR Security Project Ongoing - Anti-Government 500k dead bodies identified yesterday, along highway 36, in Platina 20 minutes away, Walmart 20 min away other Direction.

ITAR Threat Node - 1 English Word, First One Out of Mouth - Male or Female, Laughter Follows After 1 Word - IQ, Intelligence from CIA and Emotional EQ very low, to a Gun.

ITAR Black Budget - Minimum Wage / Below Qualification for Work - Job History Poor - No References - ID, Passports can be Replaced, by Digital for at Best, Minimum Wage

ITAR Birth Right - Tightening 60s into illusion, non-stop thoughts, Loosening Babies with Nuclear Hard Uranium - No Escape From Reality

ITAR - Brown Trash Shit (Color, Cancer Black Inside, Not Used Organs)

ITAR Social Media Crack 2023 - Love or Hate

ITAR Requesting Investigation Redding, CA Starbucks Networks for Human Trafficking / Selling Children / Migrants / Militia

ITAR Kentucky

ITAR - Clean Records DMV / Background Check

Itar Bolivia - Sosa & Tony English Accent

Itar State Department Sanctioned - International vs California Law

Itar Sanctions - California

Itar China Sanctions - Nuclear OS Strings Brain Damage

Itar Sanctions Mental Health Insanity / Nuclear Operating System / Phone / computer / China / California

Itar Business Xi (Son) / Gooks Gay - criminal vs civil vs sanctions vs mental illness vs tired of work vs civil war vs migrants - California & China Nuclear Program Defeat

Itar Low Budget State Federal Discharged State Department - No English (30 seconds pitch) Now work for street - Huge Belly, Too much Pizza.

Itar Pitch in English ($5/hour vs $100/hour, intelligent before intelligence, IQ EQ, being stupid and emotional)

Itar profiles - prisoners vs social media tracking / local civil war vs international

Itar Hope China California Sanctions Dysfunctional (civil war inside, nuclear outside) state / federal business - criminal minimum wage workers by design = no hope.

ITAR News - Hostage / No Law / Safety / Neighborhoods / Schools, etc.

Itar Consulate General Security

Itar Masters - Action / Reaction - One Step Ahead

ITAR Private Key (Penis Exposed) in Public Key (Vagina) - English Accent of a Software Developer - Meanwhile, The Cows in #Texas, selling for $700 Each in #Idaho - #Buying #Cattle #Selling #Business #Model in #Mexico #Corona - Digital Signature - Contract Signed This Morning With Partners, At a Coffee Shop in San Francisco - Opportunity / Intent $5 / hour

ITAR Arkansas and Alabama with Startup Training, Money $100/hour #WEB4 for #Mobile, #iPAD & #Desktop - Virtual Reality - Military Medicine - Press a Button / Vibe Changes in a Room - Chi Gong Affect / Park Air / Walking / Shopping Bag

ITAR Cuba Agreement / Oregon Funding / KGB 1986

ITAR PTSD Flash Memory Limitation - Anger, Distance from Others, Anxiety, Public Noise, Disturbing / Solution from People / Alters Psychosis / Reality - What is Real? Dissociative

ITAR County Agreements - Law Enforcement - Threat Level Response, e.g. 911 / Dispatcher / Looking at THIS Profile / Drivers License / Bank Account / Starbucks Application - Changing Numbers Through inner box - Suggesting Advertising - GEO - Mental Dissociation / Terrorism / Insurgency - Violation on Job Application - Anger Issues

ITAR Supreme Court Laws - Local, State, Federal, International - Breaking DoD Top Security Clearance - Automatic Violation - Prison Time - On Books - Future Career Development

ITAR State Law - Civil (Communication) vs Criminal Acts (Anger, Baits, $2 / hour types) - Operation Clean State - Second Chance - Didn't Do Well First Time. Regardless of Age, Funding, Ukraine.

ITAR Fund Transfer / Our Team / Hotel, Food, Car and Phone, and 24 / 7 of agents worldwide. 30 seconds military drop from Helicopter, or shooting insurgents from satellites.

ITAR Vietnam / Saigon Migrants to San Francisco, California - Hungry for Opportunity - Coming to America - Full of Hope.

ITAR TRIAD Gangs San Francisco / Local Security / Hong Kong / China - Geary Blvd. All over 6th - 8th Clement, in Windows, Threatening everyone - Gangsters, Chinese Mafia.

Itar Documents Street / Home Venture Capital + Agents Tracking America, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, Russia and Ukraine

ITAR Deal Flow - Solicitation - Violent Triggers / Public Places / No Connections - Tourists - Paying thousands in local gang fees - DoD Top Clearance Violation - Channels - Spying Rather Paying - Spending Billions, Agents laid Off in Hong Kong, China / Very Competitive Market - Russia / Mexico - Background Check - Purpose of Visit - Bank Account - Drivers License - Passport - Google Maps - Wife's Shopping List - Back Home - Children School and Arby's Across The Street - Style of Pitch

ITAR IF/THEN Conditional Programming Children - Out of Work - Homelessness - if not ME, fear in family.

Itar validation - #dnc vs #rnc - political family - sisters privilege

ITAR 1 Dollar = 1 Rupee Family

ITAR Alphalive Mexican Cartels - Casino Agreement Projection United Nations / Secret Service / Agents i-5, Redding to Klamath Rivers - Billboard Signs

ITAR Hacking WIFI Satellite SpaceX Ukraine Technology VPN / VPA Virtual Private Applications - Message Tracking Network / Buildings - Driver License / Passport / Political Associations - Different Groups - IP Address Routers - Gateway - Hardware Architecture - China Mafia

ITAR 1960 Assembler Instructions - CIA White Box - Machined Instructions - Can't Change Them, Cobol / Fortran Bank Code - Account - Black Box (New One) - Food Stamps CTO / Twitter Angel Investors

Stolen Money - Serial Numbers Dollar Bill / Car License Plate / Driver License / States / Google Maps / Friend Networks / Managers Notified / Caught / Law Enforcement Alerts - Columbia - Cocaine Trade Investments - Smugglers Caught in Arizona with Horses - $800 Dispose the Body

ITAR Counterfeit Life - Vaccine to Fix 63 Years of Brain Programming, Stealing from Mexicans and hence Security Service Investments, however Too Expensive, hence January 6th Incident - Capitol Hill - Mafia Money - Passing Cash Dollar to Each Other, Kansas Vaults, not in Bank - Old Currency / Not in Circulation anymore, World War 1 and 2, people died, money disappeared.

ITAR North Oregon Hay (Grass, Fire, Trade) - South Mexican Cocaine Stolen - Investments in California - San Francisco - Wifi Hacked by Chinese, Mafia, TRIAD Gangs, Brazil, all over i-5, Casinos, Pissed - New Jersey, Atlanta, las Vegas.

ITAR Deal Signed - Mercenaries / Monks / Americans / In Search for Spirit / Fighters / Kshastriyas / Immortals / Own Money

ITAR v1.1 - Robotic Sister Locked 1 hour / 40 days with Sound Pillar

ITAR Map Where Are You? Sister, Next Time, Don't Be Late.

ITAR New Map of the World - Out / America / Russia / China ... Others.

ITAR Bandits - Heavy Cars

ITAR American Discovery / Invention Brain #mRNA - 6th chakra, #OM, 3rd #chakra, laughter, #communication method, ultimate healing, cures everything.

ITAR Goose Bumps / Special Privileges / Mercenaries (Like you) - Monks / Trinity - Special Agents on the Ground

ITAR 1.2 DARPA CERN PHD - Inventor Recordings / Equal Mechanical / Closest to Water, but still has Metal which Blocks your Thoughts - By Design, Water Cell, Hydrogen / Oxygen - Programmed Instructions Mimic Behavior - Reduce Metal - Dragon Metallic

ITAR 1.3 Buttons - Visual WEB4 - Interactions

ITAR 1.4 Blocks / Buttons - Utilize 6 (Hidden Rocks - Future Hackers)

ITAR 8 Brain Suggestion - v 1.5

ITAR 1.6 User Based - Green Radiation / Pink - 8 Brain + 22 = 4.

ITAR Photo - View WEB4 Spiced 36 Human

ITAR v 1.8 - Birds (Outside, web5 Experience)

ITAR American Grid 2.0 Agents Casino Nevada User Samples Ask $20K each, Please pull user ID, from database and send money - Blackout Bill.

ITAR Baltimore / Minnesota Blackout Bill - 3.0 - Kansas City

ITAR Hackers - Super Powers 3.1

ITAR Broken 4.3 - Top Secret Clearance - Permissionless

ITAR v 4.4 Medic & 4.5 Dragon - Patches 4.6 "Roger That" & 4.7 "Copy That"

ITAR v10 - Operation Training Driving Notification / Escalation / Finding Friends & Foes - Counting

ITAR De-Escalation V11 Build Environment / Continues Deployment Triggers

ITAR - Department of Defense, CIA, FBI Investigation Starbucks - Secret Service Car - Phone Passport Drivers License & Bank Account

ITAR South Sea China Cleanup Trigger / Bolivian - Funding Required - $30 Trillion

ITAR 15 - Casinos Agreement / Cyber Security

ITAR Teachers / Agents / Future / Training - Computers, Social Media, Internet - Money, Business - Secret Private Ability to Become the Leader - Overcome any hurdle for 50 years - Suggestive Loop, IF / Else / Because / So / No.

ITAR Operation Viral / Spiral / Social Media Maximum - Reputation - Walls Echo - 17 - Bomb Threat - Escalation

ITAR Special Occult Powers - Sensory 80, 60, 40, 20 - 4 Generations

ITAR Every Age Group Sensory

ITAR 20 - Garbage Collector

Itar Non News Contract

ITAR siddhi - Powerful Revenues - Brazil, Minnesota, Middleton

ITAR Training - 7 days = 700 years

Itar Team Training v5.1 - Children Crying

Lockheed Martin Office - NATO fired.Itar violation: 1. Spacex. 2. January 6th 3. Local attack - assassination attempts 4. Fired from #itar.

ITAR Harley Davidson

ITAR Brother - Promise 1 Life Groomed Fully - Gift / Pocket, Phone, Car, Self, Light, Program, Matrix, Neo, Mr Anderson, Founder, also Neo, You. Thank you, Mutual.

ITAR Stanford Terrorist Attack - Starbucks - Militia / Anti-Government

Shop Ventures API 1.2 Hackathon

API 1.7 Hackathon Update

Rosewood Memoir

Rosewood Night ?

Rosewood San Francisco

Rosewood Super Bowl ?

Rosewood Las Vegas - Expense Report

Rosewood Remote - Super Bowl ? News / Social Media / Deal Flow / Cocaine

Rosewood Super Bowl ? Tickets / Hotel Booking / Operations

Rosewood Las Vegas Stadium Seating Owners Network

Enum state = WatchingChild ((negative, impression), (positive, expressing)) where state is action, depression, love, happy, tantra, desire, brilliant, smart, stupid, bored

Chinese Unfiltered Cement Virus - Cern - Lockheed Martin / NASA Campus Operations - American Civil War - NATO - Indian Tech Recruiting