ITAR Payment - Members, Mountain DNA to Iran / Pakistan - Overseas Business as Pakistani National with Passport and family Consulate Generals + Presidents + Prime Ministers - Saudi Arabia, 911 customers.

Description: My mom in Pakistan, very strong woman, a lawyer, 15 lawyers in the family, 1 supreme court judge to Nawaz Sharif, President and Musharraf, my mom's sisters, first husband, Jawad Musharraf and Perez, brother and my cousins, Amber and Aamir Musharraf, getting Green Card through George Bush, JR.

Duration: 10 years

Priority: High

Project: ITAR Sound / Silverware - Food VR Children First, Mother and Father, Grand Parents and their Parents in Heaven above.

Sprint: ITAR Nucleus - Generator / Receiver Design Pattern IP

Backlog: Tracking #itarIran vs #itarSaudiArabia


ITAR "World's Greatest Army" - User Feedback

ITAR Employment Agent Training Coffee Shops / Hotels / Walmart - Secret Service Budget - Nuclear Radio Active Energy

Itar Head Set Inventor

ITAR Privilege HAHA > NRA, AR15 Redding, California HAHA Provocation to Texas / Nevada - Cause & Affect Violation - Secret Service above CIA FBI - Criminal (Submarine, Trains, Trucks) not Civil (Real Estate).

Itar China Sanctions - Nuclear OS Strings Brain Damage

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