Description: Currently, so far we have worked with black lotus, white, red and blue. With the agent being here, it has really helped focus, not on the sales, rather on the design and human interactions, sample data, for example, having a coke, which king of events it generates? There is tracking, for example, satellite, turning on the phone, into BiOS, operating system, which also sends out alerts. Once the phone turns on, there are applications, like spyware and malware, which runs it's own set of methods. Finally we go into the apps. While you are changing information, the biometrics are collected, passed back to the various engines, that record some data. Utilize cache for storing information, in the background, building a repository, with nano particles. The method is between master and slave, where instructions are passed from the master, in astral, in the Spirit World. This is because the Black Market, is a group of mafia, that run the money network.

Status: Open

Due Date: 01-01-2024

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