ITAR Team Management / Daily Tasks - Nuclear Agents / World Babies vs Regular Humans, Americans + International Appeal, Money.

Description: Politely, asking, rather stealing. Lots going on in the world today - With the new nuclear grid, as a healing mechanism to all humans, our team is trained to defend, shield themselves from that radiation, which might not be the same, compared to the area, where nuclear activity is happening, and the affects are more healing, in California, America, compared to the rest of the world. Any nuclear experiment in one direction, as an action, could have a response, reaction in some other direction, in the Universe, within the Baby Matrix. However, the living people, are still in the Human Matrix. A management technique could be, "bend over", to the agent, being trained, if wrong, however, every agent, is amazing and future funding would be great!

Status: Open

Due Date: 01-01-2024

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