FUD Energy - mRNA stores for Future Vaccinations

Description: As the virus continue to mutate, with lots of people getting sick from flu - Hard to mention to people, when you are getting tested at hospitals with flu like symptoms - The recent venture capitalists from California, that cause more sickness - Benefiting from discrimination and racism. The new FUD energy systems will provide backup energy, at different time zones, to carry humanity, while we go through the vicious phase of live and death, with mutations of the virus. Friends become foes. We are hoping the evolution of NFT design will help the tech industry, with crypto currency. However, the bigger pool of energy, climate change is moving to mRNA. Many venture capitalists having made huge grounds, with their NFT investment strategies, worth trillions. Meanwhile, the old cash startup schools are struggling. Fighting with each other over a dollar on social media and Twitter.

Status: Closed - 10 months

Due Date: 04-01-2022

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