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Description: Working with Trillion dollar funds - Dealing with Space travels, space crafts, the great leap forward algorithms of growth, the weight of space travels, the kinds of hardware and software required, visibility to wall street investors, the kind of startups fit for space DNA and RNA, startup valuations, space, cryptocurrency and ancient applications, including Chinese venture capital losses, investing with American Venture Capitals, the middle management and scouting costs, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos disappointments with Space airplanes and drama media, the truths behind Bitcoin mining, the trillionaires displeasure with current startup venture capitalists, between China and US, decline of fees, the advancement of space technologies in American universities, the next 10 years of growth / decline, for example Silicon Valley venture capitals, China receiving back the fees in San Francisco and chase down investments, broken promises, sexual harassments, the space connected vehicles in China, market returns on vehicles, carbon removal industries out of fires across the world currency exchanges, e.g. Lava fire in California, the creepiness behind big tech companies and their investor behavior on Wall Street and current valuations of startups.

Status: Closed

Due Date: 01-01-2022

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