Talk to Customers - Usability Sprint

Description: A site survey was conducted, a list of questions were asked of the customer. Customer has usability feedback, having experienced prior dev efforts. A significant pain point is that simple changes like fonts and text modifications should not need to be done by a developer. Customer wants to make changes and see the result, in order to allow creative feedback. Can we give them access to a CMS, or create one, to enable them to make content & font changes themselves. Customer's preferred price point is $100 per month, to first become familiar with the team's ability to get work done. More funds are not an issue, but customer wants their trust to be gained first. Customer is willing to pay more for a working solution. Their feedback on the look and feel of the website is that the graphics are great, but the fonts make it painful to look at. Where can marked screen shots be submitted? Is there a method to bring details back to the team meeting for discussion? Is there another location where I (AZ) need to create customer objects, detailing their contact information?

Duration: 2 weeks

Priority: 1

Project: Shop Deployment

Sprint: Usability Sprint

Backlog: UI/UX Sprint

Feedback: We need an RFP, moving forward. What they want, how much they want to pay? Write an official document and submit to Joseph, i.e. a product requirement document.