Pivoting on Minimum Viable Product (MVP) - Agile Development & Lean Startup Tools!

The Minimum Viable Product is a moving target. Launch early, collect feedback from customers, then launch a revenue MVP. 

We are constantly talking to our customers, gaining insights, and pivoting on feedback. We are now targeting incubators through out the world. 

If you are a tech company, chances are you are moving to agile development. But do you know much about lean startup? If you go to a startup school or incubator, lean startup and customer development is required. 

Let us help you with your business development, find customers through lean startup - customer development. It is suggested by fortune 500 companies to adopt the lean startup methodology, to identify revenue streams. 

Traditional sales is only for a few, with massive contacts and experience. Lean startup can help educate young entrepreneurs, how to develop revenue stream, and then scale up.

Please let me know best time to connect, if you are passionate about product development methodologies. 

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