Atlassian - Jira / Confluence = Too technical. Very hard for early stage startups, especially coming out of startup incubators, not custom to Jira and Confluence. Many startups like trello board, however trello doesn't have too much methodology. Our product is built for agile development scrum master, with fortune 500 experience. Of course, none of our competition provides lean startup - customer development tools that can engage customers with feedback loops, and iterate on the product.

There are no lean startup - customer development + agile development tools in the market. There are boards like trello, or full enterprise software like Atlassian, but nothing that focuses on lean startup and customer development.

Jira / Confluence - Atlassian. Very technical product, although 95% of fortune 500 companies are using it. Trello, which is a simple board, mostly used by early stage startups, at an incubator, perhaps 4% of the market. just went public, copying lots of features from Atlassian and Trello.

350k total tech companies in the world, all of them need an agile development methodology, to kick them in high gear, move them out of water fall model of software development. Only %1 of tech companies know about lean startup - customer development.

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