Job Description - Agile Scrum Master


Additional Job Details:

Need to have at least 5 years of solid scrum master experience, not hybrid with PM. Project this role will support: the product team is PT Demand Forecast


Provides coaching on Agile values and practices while emphasizing continuous improvement.
Enables individual project teams to share their learning with the organization.
Encourages collaboration and proactively seeks opportunities to improve collaboration.
Tracks and ensures visibility of historical team metrics and progress of the iteration and release.
Emphasizes the need for incremental releases, iterative work and prioritization by value and risk.
Assists with internal and external communication by transparently radiating information.
Partners with project leads to ensure the team is producing a solution that meets established standards, procedures and practices.
Collaborates with project leads to aggressively address issues, risks and mitigation plans. Instills a sense of urgency reflecting the goals for the current iteration, upcoming release, and project vision, while passionately emphasizing the importance of meeting these goals.
Optimizes, increases and sustains throughput; ensuring prioritization of work by value and risk. Is collaborative in driving decisions and team behavior, guarding against making decisions and assignments for the team and instead creates and environment where teams have the context needed to make the best decision.
Ensures iteration-based meetings are effectively facilitated, the outcomes are achieved and their cadence is maintained.
Assists team with making appropriate commitments through story selection, sizing and tasking.
Proactively identifies and removes blockers, limits work in progress and prevents distractions.
Facilitates frequent retrospectives, sharing metrics to identify and implement improvements.
Identifies, creates and defends opportunities for expediting feedback throughout the iteration.
Participates proactively in developing and maintaining team standards, tools, and best practices.

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