Startup Pivot

Unfortunately, 'startup pivot' is one of the most misused terms today. It's like when folks started defining 'software engineering' back in 1990s. Pivot means change. If you are pivoting for a business model, you are pivoting to find a model that can scale and grow. Companies nowadays are being built around niches. Not portals. Once you find the model for your niche that can grow and scale, you are done.

Should my employees be pivoting? It depends. Are you pivoting for design? What are you pivoting for? It's important to have clear distinction for pivot and evaluate the results. Metrics are important to install so as you are pivoting, you are constantly evaluating your data and really understand the data, not build it (engineering problem) or look at it (project management problem). Everyone in the team should understand the process of data evaluation correctly. Don't shoot shit in the dark forever. Infinite loop.

Times are changing. A new decade has begun. It's the decade of multi-skill talent people. For example, you have to know design, but also be able to develop it. If you are an engineer building metrics, you are also responsible for understanding it and figuring out how it impacts your business. Don't just shoot shit in the dark, measure the results and then make smart decisions. Understand that pivot is a great thing. It will help you resolve your problems and remove obstacles. Persistence is good and also timely execution of tests.

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