Incubator Homework - Name focus group

Exercise: In this homework, make appointments with a focus group, that would hear the idea of the business, and without hearing any preference, chose the best name for the company.

My focus group was at Lungomare, Oakland on Wednesday (4/26) at 3pm and then at Plank, Oakland at 4pm. The focus group contained a mix of food, restaurants and bar specialists, some eager to start their own business, whether at farmers market which runs right in front of Lungomare and Plank In Jack London Square, or direct sales through our new seller platform. I pitched each one of them, without giving the name, and collected feedback.

Richard Dunham: ?Great idea.? 1, 3, 2 Alando Johnson: ?Proud that you are doing it. Happy to be pitched.? 2, 1, 3 Dino Mehicic: ?I have a business on the side, selling bar syrups to a local lady. I need branding, so I can start my own business.? (I recommended looking up Founder Institute.) 3, 1, 2 Adam Nicknig: ?Love the pitch. It?s coming along really good.? 3, 1, 2 Paul Duncan: ?love the idea.? 2, 1, 3

The focus group liked the name the best. Although I thought is better fit, and Richard agreed, however that wasn?t true. People like abstractness in names.The focus group age varied from ages 25-60 years old.

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