Incubator Brand Expert Feedback

Exercise: For this homework, find three brand experts. The experts must be people with previous experience in the field and/or hold credible positions in the business. Make the appointments, setup interviews, pitch the business idea, and ask for feedback.

Feedback: Great Idea. How many business for target size? When will the product be launched? How will you get customers? How advertising on facebook and Google will work, to buy monthly subscription? How will yelp and Google integrate with the Enterprise edition subscription service? How Safeway can utilize the foodal service? Are there any technical challenges? When will you collect data to show the local business to justify monthly subscription? Will a free month trial work? How much revenue will you generate in 2017? How are you going to hire the team? How are you involving USDA? How are you attracting experts in local food and farmers markets? What are your next steps? Keep me posted. I would love to get involved, as you make progress. I love the fact you are helping local economy, food and entrepreneurs. The revenue model looks great, KPI looks solid. When will you collect the revenue? What stage of investment are you in? Keep me posted after the 3 minute pitching session tonight at Founder Institute. Love the slide deck. What are your resource constraints? How many customers do you currently have?

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