Incubator Meetings

We met once a week, with all the startups, mentors and a special investor, that came to visit us every Tuesday. The meetings were rigorous, and compared a key topic, with many mentors present, perhaps a special presentation. Every week, we received homework. I worked around 80 hours a week on the startup. Building presentation material and meeting with the mentors.

Groups: The program broke us up in groups. A few startup founders, working together, helping each other, whether pitching, discussing business models, going through homework and meeting for co-founder opportunities. Co-Founders: It is always best to go in with a co-founder. It defines a set of commitment, helps with pitching, and a set of responsibility. However, in the program, there are many single founders, looking to partner with other co-founders, that can fill in the void, perhaps a technical founder, which codes the product, and a business founder, that runs the show, is the ideal combination.

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