How can the RACI matrix be utilized in agile development?

By assigning roles to each individual involved in the agile process, RACI matrix can be very effective. The following is a list of important roles in very early startup or small grinding team. An effective agile system is 7x faster than traditional development and the code 10x leaner.

1. Business owner. R 2. Product Manager. R 3. Project Manager. A 4. Engineering Manager. A 5. QA Manager. C 6. UX Manager. C 7. Support Manager. C 8. Engineers and designers. C R = Responsible A = Accountable C = Collaborate I = Informed

The team should list each task in the development life cycle, requirements, sprints, development, qa, release. Break them down even further and assign RACI, i.e. who has what role in each task. In this fashion, everybody is engaged and contributes to the success of the project by well defined rules.

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