What are synergy patterns?

Nowadays, the startups require a lot of coordination between all people in the team, whether investors, founders, marketers, engineers, sales, business, etc. There is constant communication with business partners. There is a startup craze going on right now and it?s pushing everyone to communicate more. Everybody is out in the open on the social networks, e.g. Twitter and Facebook. Hence the need for synergy patterns.

My favorite is the divide and conquer pattern. Find the areas of expertise for each member of the team and go nuts. No stepping on toes, no micro management, rather find creative ways to be productive and contribute to the team. It?s very important to do a soul search, and figure out ways to help. We can learn a lot from twitter and behavior patterns of great entrepreneurs. With divide and conquer, apply those patterns into your daily life. Let others and yourself be free, and be creative. Do you drink beer with your boss? Is another synergy pattern. This is not literal, rather saying, do you see eye to eye with your boss? It?s very important to be in good synergistic connection, from the heart, not from the mind with your immediate supervisor. Building great synergy is key for the success of a startup.

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