What is a successful funnel conversion rate for a social networks campaign, for growth hacking?

There are various mechanisms to run effective campaign on the social media channels. In social networks, email campaigns are huge, where friends can import their address book and send friend invites. The friend invites come back into the social networks as new users and then the users import their address books, brought in new friends. So it is a pyramid scheme, a recursive viral formula that would continue bringing in more users. The average email conversion runs anywhere from 1.5 - 3% on most social networks.

There are many analytics conversion funnel breakdowns in social media, the drop offs. There is initial traffic, generated by various social media sources, whether it?s google adwords, Facebook advertising, twitter traffic, websites and emails. Once the traffic comes into the funnel, the social network need to guide the users to where the action is, whether it?s selling a product, or take them to more user acquisition, for example importing address books. This way, it?s a recursive system, of traffic coming in, buying something, or taking an action of interest. For each step in the flow, or the funnel, calculate the % drop offs. Then show the eventual goal. In email address books importing and using to grow user acquisition is measured by viral factors, which is the eventual goal.

There is a well known Facebook advertising, the Excel sheet pattern in the social media industry. Burn advertising across various products, and measure conversion. Double down on the winners and throw away the losers. This pattern also works great with a funnel, so you can effectively calculate drop offs and the goal. Many startup founders burn advertising to show growth and fall into a startup crank pattern. The startup crank marketing patterns destroys your budget. Because once you start spending, you have to continue showing growth for your investors and partners. Many startups use fake sales to show growth to their customers. These are not good growth hacking strategies.

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