How can I learn VC signaling on Twitter?

We are in a generation where the pen used to be mightier than sword, but then the power of a tweet came along. Depending on who you are tweeting, they might have their own relative standards of Twitter behavior. Some take it offensive, some open their arms with love for it. In either case, there is VC signaling going on. Pay closer attention to the mentions, @, the hashtags, #, and see who is behind them? What network are they from? What do they like to talk about?

San Francisco bay area is very unique because you find the twitter handles, the VC all over twitter, but they are also accessible in social events. So there is a huge opportunity to go meet the people you see on twitter. My mentor, uses the #reverseVC hash tag. You will find many secrets there. Also, please check #vcsecrets. This gives you a demo on how venture capitalists signal each other of deals. This builds a collective consciousness between entrepreneurs and investors.

There a fear in the entrepreneurship world to take the money from a venture capital. There is also a fear in the entrepreneurship world because of the changes in the new accelerators. Marketers have fear of engineers. Entrepreneurs have fear of growth hackers. Obama has fear of full stack developers. Becoming a good entrepreneur is so hard. There is a difference between male and female venture capitalist. Venture capitalists take money away from a startup when it?s not performing. There are many VC signals to support these conclusions.

When composing melody, it so important to bring the audience back to first rhyme, hence I spent a lot of time with venture capitalists in 2010 - 2011 on twitter. Now I am back for the second run in 2015. My family and friends didn?t react too well when one of their own reached a startup success but I hope that from my learning on twitter, other entrepreneurs and investors can benefit. It is pretty common to have smiley faces up front and stabs in the back in startups. An ordinary job and founding a startup is very different. Especially now, with the new super angel turning venture capitalist, it?s almost like a big question, ?What happens in old organizations when they find out that a new faction within itself is enlightened??

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