What is a full stack project manager?

A full stack project manager who can work with both waterfall and agile development models. This is very critical if you are dealing with old school methodologies and new school, which is lean startup mixed with agile development. The lean startup methodology is not adopted as well in corporations because it?s meant for small, fresh off the ground startups. If you are dealing with large projects, planning and execution, agile development methodology is required.

A full stack project manager understands the distinctions of the systems defined above. The thorough knowledge of waterfall helps understand how the process of requirements to analysis, screen design, architecture, design, implementation, quality assurance and release gets done in old corporations. I brought agile development to the bank, which was using water fall. It was a great transition and before you know it, there were 100 other people following our model. We had a bunch of project managers coming in, but the co-lead didn?t like any of them, because they couldn?t stay up to our speed of agile development, so we hired and fired. But eventually, we landed a great project manager.

The full stack project manager understands agile development tools, like pivotal tracker, or jira/greenhopper project management tools. From the tools, its very easy to stay on top of the engineering execution and business product manager requirements. The upper management likes status and visibility. When is the project going to be done? If we have multiple projects, what?s the release schedule? How many resources do we need? What kind of skill set is required? What?s our budget? How much money are we getting from partners? Where?s the project plan? Where are the sprint documents?

The above are all the questions that the full stack project manager needs to answer.

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