What's the point of no-return crossover move in the venture capital industry?

The venture capital industry is build on relationships. There are many deals going on. There are many startups, however only few on top, for each sector. The business is built on trust and growth. The synergy between investors and entrepreneurs have to be purely transparent, otherwise the left hand doesn?t know what the right hand is doing. Hence, the point of no-return crossover move. Once the transparency is established, the parties should be able to take a close hard look and decide, which way to go? Startups are build on pivot, so a no-return cross over move is a pivot, a change for the better after close examination of the current patterns.

If we like the current pattern between the venture capitalists and the entrepreneurs, we are in innovation. However, there is a lot of fragmentation of beliefs, investment styles, regulations, returns, funds, incubators, accelerators and so much competition. There is lots of competition in events area, where different venture capitalists only attend certain events. So the venture capital industry is ripe for disruption, so that new paradigms are formed. There are many changes going on in the entrepreneurship world, with the addition of roles like ?Full Stack Developer?, ?Growth Hacker?, ?Crypto?, and many others. Once an entrepreneur decides to go this route, there is no turning back. Taking on huge roles makes a person ?Titleless?, however there is a huge demand that?s created. Everyone wants to be a ?Growth Hacker? or a ?Full Stack Developer? nowadays.

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