What are some of the proven growth hacking tactics in social networks?

The top growth hacking tactic, and used by lots of venture capitalist and founders of startups is the constant flow of followers increase. The social media masters spend a lot of time, everyday on twitter, managing their followers, providing them with valuable information to read. They are the entertainers, and the gain is the social commerce persona, which opens up door for more business and venture capital investments.

Nowadays it?s very easy to see lots of people with over 100k followers. There are a few natural leaders, that organically generate a lot of followers. There are many super angels, venture capitalists that have made great name for themselves on twitter. However there are many that are using paid twitter tools to increase their followers. From the tools, you can set the categories that you like, and there are various mechanisms to constantly increase followers and then remove them if they are not following back.

It?s very easy to see on twitter profile. If the following and follower count is same, they are following the twitter follow back technique. We use the fishnet pattern for growth hacking at mytweetmark, where with auto tweets and hashtags, you can bring the audience of your choice to your door step. Very affective if you have products to sell, an advertising model for twitter.

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