What's the fishnet pattern of growth hacking in social networks?

The fishnet is created by a bait. Create a really wide fishnet and put a bait and see how many fish you can catch. This applies to a social network like Twitter, where you have to spread your net through tweets, especially with hashtags,and try to reach out as wide as possible. This way, you get traffic and people see your brand. Twitter is a great place to build a business brand. So the more the communication on hashtags, #s, the wider your reach. This phenomena with hashtags has been there for a while. Only Instagram recently made it very popular, so now many venture capitalists are looking at Twitter. Twitter going IPO and recent partnership with Google has opened many opportunities for investors that are looking to broaden the scope of twitter. As there is sympathy for twitter, there is opposition as well, in the venture capital community.

With mytweetmark, we have auto tweets. Create a 140 character tweet and insert a web link. Stuff the tweet with hashtags. The reach goes wide and if there is interesting content, people are constantly coming and checking out the products, for example the books we are selling. This is an example of the fishnet pattern. Find relevant hashtags, whether conferences, communities, etc. and set a mechanism to constantly sell to these communities. Nowadays, its very easy to build analytics tools to measure the impact. How much fishnet generated, how many products sold? You can then build demographics of the users, pull their twitter and Facebook information and find other services that they are willing to pay for.

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