Shop Deployment

Description: This is the default backlog for project Shop. We need a link to projects here. Attach a backlog to the project.

Create Date: 2019-11-17

UI/UX Sprint

Description: Work on product UI

Create Date: 2019-11-18


Description: The first version of MVP, minimal viable product.

Create Date: 2019-11-20


Description: The second version of MVP, minimal viable product.

Create Date: 2019-11-20

Product Roadmap

Description: Build Roadmap for the product

Create Date: 2019-11-21

Build wiki

Description: Build wiki

Create Date: 2019-11-21

Company Branding

Description: We will keep track of all tasks, associated with company branding under this backlog.

Create Date: 2019-11-22

Revenue Backlog

Description: A list of tasks, which if we implement, will generate instant revenue.

Create Date: 2019-11-22

Product Documentation

Description: Generate set of documentation, executive summary, 30 second pitch, vision statement for the brand.

Create Date: 2019-11-22


Description: We need to start partnering, e.g. agile development contractors, lean startup advocates, look for rates.

Create Date: 2019-11-27


Description: We need to work on the blog post. Content should have header and body, and should be spaced.

Create Date: 2019-12-02

Customer Development

Description: The backlog to track all customer development - lean startup initiatives

Create Date: 2019-12-11

Pixel Backlog

Description: This is the backlog for the pixel project.

Create Date: 2020-10-10

Garments Backlog

Description: We need to capture all tasks here

Create Date: 2020-10-31

Loverth Backlog

Description: Need tasks for January 1, 2021.

Create Date: 2020-10-31

Shop Backlog

Description: Add new tasks, like text editor

Create Date: 2020-10-31

Currency backlog

Description: Add all cryptocurrency tasks here.

Create Date: 2020-10-31

Book backlog

Description: Add tasks for a book shop

Create Date: 2020-10-31

Shop Ventures - Currency Backlog

Description: Create a list of work items to pursue digital currency, including technical training

Create Date: 2021-02-05

Monkey Business Backlog - Venture Capital United Kingdom

Description: The Queen is funding this project - To create a backlog of monkey activities and add to our mRNA notifications, with Putin as Project Lead and POTUS as consultant, with her being the product manager with a sword.

Create Date: 2021-06-16


Description: Account receivable - unpaid work

Create Date: 2022-01-24


Description: Create tasks for photos, videos and analytics software.

Create Date: 2022-07-26

ITAR Backlog

Description: With so many venture capital and international players, looking for ITAR features, can't sleep, England, India, China and other countries. However, we need to deploy with the team - in sync. Because the brain explodes and also, the competition doesn't have enough to compete, so we need to move slowly, make sure we cash in, correctly where the competition doesn't have technical abilities, or takes so long to build anything, they are sitting on social media all day, from other countries. Meanwhile, in America ... Minimum wage constructs created, for only a few people to take advantage of this unlimited opportunity. However, we need to get rid of international spies, and get them to pay taxes, for Americans, so they can continue to create, expand human consciousness, and get full credit, for this ground breaking, ITAR.

Create Date: 2022-08-12

Archeology Media Backlog

Description: Various tasks for team management - Watching progress of various team mates.

Create Date: 2022-08-21

NAFTA & OPEC Backlog

Description: We need to write software to upgrade NAFTA & OPEC application, security, Java micro services backend - WEB3 frontend.

Create Date: 2022-09-07

ITAR Files

Description: Track, all ITAR related activities, giving job history, however, within Clean State / Code For America / USDS boundary, outside US Army boundary, transactions.

Create Date: 2023-01-14

ITAR - Who Am I?

Description: The ITAR, Who Am I, is part of second chance, clean state project.

Create Date: 2023-01-16

Tracking #itarIran vs #itarSaudiArabia

Description: For #itarIslam #itarMuslim #itarMehdi #itarNineEleven - Money for #mRNA #DNA Monkey Brain Interface - Revenue - Futures & Bond

Create Date: 2023-01-16

ITARHedge Backlog

Description: Tracking hedge funds, from 1991 - 2023, parallel with ITAR Technology stacks, names of hedgers and techniques of hedging, compared to lean and agile, hedging techniques, with social media, today, with yoga, vegan diets, startup entrepreneurship and venture capitalists.

Create Date: 2023-01-16


Description: With this itar backlog, we are going to track security, non-secure notifications, with itarCallBack for itarSecurityCalls - Especially the itarDelayedNotifications.

Create Date: 2023-01-17

ITAR - Ukraine / Mexico

Description: While negotiating with Ukraine agent, with KGB agents and TRIAD gang, also agents, from San Francisco, Mexicans to Casino.

Create Date: 2023-01-25

ITAR Agent Biometrics

Description: There is 24 hour wait period, when we obtained the sample; Run it through our Nuclear program over night, and check the results in the morning. We then spiral and viral notifications. The system is built on mRNA and DNA, with physical architecture in NASA, space program, with WEB3 as software development language, with java micro services backend, with cyber security, blocking technology.

Create Date: 2023-01-27

ITAR Guests

Description: We have special keys for guests, coming out of town, with demo and keys.

Create Date: 2023-01-30

ITAR Water Cell

Description: With the help of DARPA, nuclear fusion experiment, the oxygen remained on Earth and Hydrogen evaporated, magnetically drawn by other planets and Nebula, with Oxygen, looking for Hydrogen, start creating new galaxies, far distant lands, because the energy is microcosmic. The carbon experiments will create the atmosphere. Uranium used previously in Nuclear experiments, is too thick to cross Earth boundaries.

Create Date: 2023-01-31

ITAR Ice Box

Description: With astral ice box, we will make sure the mummies are stored properly.

Create Date: 2023-02-01

Shop Ventures NFT - ITAR 10th Wonder Nano Triggers

Description: Matrix Nano Triggers 10th Wonder. 9th Wonder - Universe Uni - You and I, 2 + 2 = 4 ( #money, #cash), Super Smart IQ & EQ, THAAD in the air & Smell Burn Missile.

Create Date: 2023-02-17

AI Experiments

Description: We are testing a whole bunch of AI flows.

Create Date: 2023-09-26

AI Reverse Processor

Description: We are testing a new module with time events and reversing the affects in the dna, unfolding utilizing currents new and virus.

Create Date: 2023-09-30

AI Mass Distribution

Description: We are testing a new module with AI pilot project complete, ready for mass distribution.

Create Date: 2023-10-07

AI Quantum Magnetism

Description: We are testing quantum magnetic with two polarities, attraction and dispel.

Create Date: 2023-10-07

AI Submortial Cosmic Potion

Description: We are testing a new potion. Bases on water cell. A mixture between food and water.

Create Date: 2023-10-09

AI Submordial Neural Network

Description: We are testing a new module with quantum, a new Neural network of consciousness.

Create Date: 2023-10-12

AI Supermordial Implementation

Description: We are testing a new module with supermordial Saguna, Nirvana interfaces and implementations.

Create Date: 2023-10-12

AI Supermodial Advertising Matrix 1

Description: We are testing a new model with AI accelerator matrix 0.

Create Date: 2023-10-13

AI Submordial Ionization Automation Rainbow

Description: We are testing a new model with ionization quantum dots electrons, with negative dielectric blue and positive magnetism red in a loop.

Create Date: 2023-10-14

AI Supermodial Wavelength RNA - Time Measurement - Relative to Submordial Now

Description: We are testing a new model for AI wavelength measurement, according to Protons, Neutrons and electrons relative to space time within RNA.

Create Date: 2023-10-14

AI Submordial Vision

Description: We are testing a new model with Submordial cosmic vision across cosmic light.

Create Date: 2023-10-16

AI Software

Description: We are testing a new model with AI software.

Create Date: 2023-10-18

AI Rotation

Description: We are testing a new model, calculating AI rotation, circular.

Create Date: 2023-10-18

AI Assistant Infrastructure

Description: We are testing a new model with AI Assistant quad processor.

Create Date: 2023-10-20

AI Math

Description: We are testing a new model with AI math and numbers.

Create Date: 2023-10-29

AI Blood Circulation

Description: We are testing a new model with AI blood circulation and Magnetism or dielectric with tantra.

Create Date: 2023-11-01

AI Split Personality

Description: We are testing a new model with aggregated self personality based on others.

Create Date: 2023-11-04

AI If, Then Language Manufactured

Description: We are testing a new model with AI Manufacturing for if, then construct within quantum zeno as a result of design palette, including colors and vibrations of the spirit.

Create Date: 2023-11-11

AI Programs

Description: We are testing a new model with AI machines and programs within the matrix.

Create Date: 2023-11-12

AI Cell Tissue Matrix

Description: We are testing a new model with AI Cell tissue, ability to burp, control muscles, bowl movement, coverting food and water to urine. Aggregated with matrix.

Create Date: 2023-11-19

AI Nucleus

Description: We are testing a new model with automatic. Dynamic injection to the Atom with love, laughter and many other ingredients.

Create Date: 2023-11-26

AI conscious and unconscious

Description: We are testing a new model with AI conscious, subconscious and narcissistic unconscious.

Create Date: 2023-12-29


Description: We are creating a new backlog for our customers, e.g. davos.

Create Date: 2024-01-17

AI Weight / Gravity Measurement

Description: We are testing a new model for AI weight and gravity.

Create Date: 2024-01-27

AI Design Pattern

Description: We are testing a lot of design patterns for AI.

Create Date: 2024-01-28

API 6.6: 40% Assigned. 10% Advisory Board. Hire and Fire. 4 year vesting period. Vested employees. Dividends paid out. 10% Pakistan. 10% America. 10% India.

Description: We are testing a new model with Stock distribution and vesting. Hire and Fire based on loyalty, on and off switch.

Create Date: 2024-01-29

Rosewood Security

Description: We are testing a new model with space crafts for Rosewood security, with switch off. Venture Capital backlog.

Create Date: 2024-02-02

Startup / Restartup

Description: We are keeping an option to turn back the services in case we are ordered to restart the service.

Create Date: 2024-02-02

Rosewood Ring Inheritance vs Delegation

Description: We are examining the difference between inheritance imperial vs delegation declarative.

Create Date: 2024-02-03

Rosewood Shares delegation declarative distribution

Description: We are testing a new model with Rosewood tantra.

Create Date: 2024-02-03

Rosewood Core Team

Description: We are testing a new model with delegation declarative shares.

Create Date: 2024-02-03

Rosewood Shares Distribution

Description: We are creating a new model for shares distribution.

Create Date: 2024-02-03

Rosewood Gestures & English - White Lotus ?

Description: We are testing a new model inbetween Starbucks and Rosewood for gestures and English- Venture Capital pitching.

Create Date: 2024-02-03

Rosewood Hacker Facade

Description: With so many hacker tesm criss crossing ?? ? ? online and sending their troops on cars ? ? ? on the ground, the field teams are confused ? ? ? and constantly on threat mode with local gangs and neighborhood ? ? ?.

Create Date: 2024-02-04

Rosewood Angel ? ? ? Kitty ? ? ??

Description: We are testing a new model with father ? ??? ? wish for his son to be in love with her ?? ?? ? the angel kitty as much and more with tantra yoga ???? ?? ? because father ? ??? ?? was gay and he did wanted to get it on with the son and was pushed away. ? Made him angry ? ? ? years ago. However he guided the son, out of the hands ?? ? ? of the vulture that nobody is going to eat the son. Hence father ? son and holy ghost.

Create Date: 2024-02-04

Rosewood Feeling

Description: We are testing a new model between feeling and perception.

Create Date: 2024-02-05

Rosewood Food

Description: The top ? ? ? food in the world ? ? ?

Create Date: 2024-02-05

Rosewood Platform Developers and Users

Description: Rosewood Natural Intelligence NI. Session #2, lean and agile. Startup school web4 and web5 technology mRNA programming + Devices + Mind. Platform.

Create Date: 2024-02-05

Rosewood Classified Documents

Description: We are putting a security lock for the team, to keep them safe.

Create Date: 2024-02-05

Rosewood Use Cases

Description: Rosewood Natural Intelligence NI. Platform. Security and Classified Documents / Patterns. Performing complex tasks.

Create Date: 2024-02-05

Rosewood Biometrics

Description: For example cell imaging within the body parts authenticating with time stamp, key value pairs for authentication pipeline.

Create Date: 2024-02-06

Rosewood Scriptures

Description: We are testing a new model of scriptures including pagans.

Create Date: 2024-02-06

Rosewood Natural Analytics Data

Description: Shop Ventures NI, NE, NA - Natural Analytics Data. Demographic. Age Groups. Open Source License. Test. Startups, Stock Market, Venture Capital, Healthcare.

Create Date: 2024-02-07

Rosewood Chasm

Description: Crossing the chasm.

Create Date: 2024-02-07

Rosewood Syndicate

Description: Valuation, validation, high rise. Ceo, cto and cfo.

Create Date: 2024-02-08

Rosewood Satellite

Description: We are testing natural Intelligence with phone chip and satellite.

Create Date: 2024-02-08

Rosewood 0, 1, -1

Description: Rosewood: Shop Ventures NI, NE, NA API Yoga ???? ?? ? ?? food ?? ? ? tantra 26x zero point ? ? ? ? energy with consequences. Increasing. Lock / Unlock.

Create Date: 2024-02-09

Rosewood Mecca / Medina

Description: 26x - 26x = 0.

Create Date: 2024-02-09

Rosewood Social

Description: Rosewood: Shop Ventures NI, NE, NA API Premium Customers Only. Throat. Brain ? I, I love, I think ? ? ? Super sexy, social ? ? ? listen, appeal vs not.

Create Date: 2024-02-09

Rosewood Music

Description: Hollywood and Bollywood.

Create Date: 2024-02-09

Rosewood Nation of Islam Classified Documents

Description: 500 quadrillion.

Create Date: 2024-02-09

Rosewood Tiger and Dragon

Description: Non-peaceful tigers ?

Create Date: 2024-02-10

Rosewood Lizard Formula

Description: Menlo Park, California.

Create Date: 2024-02-10

Rosewood Mermaid Shares

Description: Rosewood Shop Ventures Mermaid ? ?? ? API. Partners. Open Source. Partners preferred shares. Customers, common shares. 1 = 10. 10000 quadrillion issued.

Create Date: 2024-02-11

Rosewood DNA Information Storage Mermaid.

Description: Bacteria. Rosewood Shop Ventures Mermaid ? ?? ? API. Open Source, 100 quadrillion issued. DNA, Information Storage.

Create Date: 2024-02-11

Rosewood 1 Chakra

Description: Team.

Create Date: 2024-02-13

Wood ? Nature

Description: Wind. Oxygen.

Create Date: 2024-02-13

Fire ? ? ??? ? ? Tantra

Description: Water ? ? ? ? ?

Create Date: 2024-02-14

Fire ? ? ??? ? Water ? ? ? ? Love ?? ? ?

Description: Product Enhancements / Bug ? fixes.

Create Date: 2024-02-14

Earth Sky Love ?? ? ?

Description: Team.

Create Date: 2024-02-14

Cain & Abel.

Description: Tasks

Create Date: 2024-02-16

Valentine Wife

Description: 10 zillion shares, team.

Create Date: 2024-02-16

Neo Fund Reinvestment

Description: Global venture capital, government. And military funds.

Create Date: 2024-02-17

Trinity Operation Dead Horse ? ? ? ? ?

Description: Shop Ventures Trinity Fund: Open Source. Operation Dead Horse ? ? itar. International Traffic Arms Regulation. US military top secret clearance 400 trillion.

Create Date: 2024-02-18

Shop Ventures Team Assets

Description: Money ? received 40 quadrillion. Shares conversion fees / management & carry. Cashed some to cash vibrator distribution.

Create Date: 2024-02-19

Mahdi Coin

Description: Upcoming tasks for sister. Movie. Recursive. You. You Owe Why. Avatar work beginning.

Create Date: 2024-02-22

Shop Ventures International NFT

Description: Rolling shares. Team.

Create Date: 2024-02-23


Description: English.

Create Date: 2024-02-29


Description: Life.

Create Date: 2024-03-01

Bank Priorities

Description: 2024 tasks.

Create Date: 2024-02-26


Description: Pipelines.

Create Date: 2024-03-07


Description: With the assigned lotus role, aggregating pink, yellow, white and black lotus, creation of supra human body, we are going to study the spiritual affects and science.

Create Date: 2024-03-14

ITAR molecular frequencies

Description: Universally by thought, grabbing and integration within human body by thought, time stamped, exchange of energies whether local is small or large and adding another dimensional energy, sound and light.

Create Date: 2024-03-16

Supra Human Teams

Description: Sounds and robotics. Elegant.

Create Date: 2024-03-19

Startup Club

Description: Two teams.

Create Date: 2024-03-22

Rosewood Trinity CFO

Description: CEO and neo as CTO.

Create Date: 2024-02-08

The Great Awakeners

Description: Food. Digestion.

Create Date: 2024-03-31


Description: Methods.

Create Date: 2024-04-03


Description: Testing.

Create Date: 2024-04-04


Description: "I will kill you".

Create Date: 2024-04-05

Holographic Clients

Description: Penis & Vagina.

Create Date: 2024-04-09

Eternal. Puzzle.

Description: Husband, Wife & Team.

Create Date: 2024-04-10


Description: Grid locked.

Create Date: 2024-04-12

ITAR Public

Description: Actions & Reactions - Neighborhoods.

Create Date: 2024-04-13


Description: Social networking. Dual. Trinity.

Create Date: 2024-04-15

ITAR Universal Cell

Description: Capturing events - Consequences.

Create Date: 2024-04-16


Description: Testing.

Create Date: 2024-04-22

Shop Ventures NFT - ITAR 6.6 G. 3D. ITAR 7.0 G.

Description: Ji.

Create Date: 2024-04-22

ITAR Frequency Analyzer

Description: EQ.

Create Date: 2024-04-23

ITAR Science

Description: Atomic batteries, atom, chemistry, physics, biology, science, atoms, cells, points, recursion, Protons, electrons & neutrons.

Create Date: 2024-04-26

Androids Programming II

Description: "Downloading the full program", she says.

Create Date: 2024-04-27

ITAR Black Hole Coin

Description: Team, 100000 zillion shares, recursive.

Create Date: 2024-05-01

ITAR Lamarckism Evolution

Description: Business. Measurement unit, survival rate. Coin launched, 100 trillion shares. Deepak Chopra, student / teacher validation, round trip, circles, interface to implementation conversion, team. Lamarckism.

Create Date: 2024-05-10

ITAR Internet

Description: Innernet.

Create Date: 2024-05-15

ITAR Energy 2.0 Regulations

Description: Access points.

Create Date: 2024-05-25

ITAR Decode

Description: Earlier messages.

Create Date: 2024-05-29

ITAR Carbonator

Description: Everything and nothing runs in a carbonator.

Create Date: 2024-06-02

ITAR Music

Description: Musicals. Musicians.

Create Date: 2024-06-03

Hacker Paradise

Description: Product Requirement Document

Create Date: 2024-06-10

Project Management Office

Description: Drug Manufacturers. Major Announcements: Product Director and Project Vice President with team of product managers & project managers.

Create Date: 2024-06-10

Pyramid Brown

Description: Functions - Algorithms

Create Date: 2024-06-14

ITAR Cipher Wall

Description: Users

Create Date: 2024-06-18