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Create Time: 12-07-2019

Description: For our meeting this Thursday 12/12/2019, 2pm, we are going to do homework, for Lean Startup - Customer Development - Feedback Survey.

Please see slide deck. Joseph is going to send out the meeting invite. Please feel free to ping me during the week, if you have any questions. Like I mentioned before, we are running like an incubator school. If you are pursing entrepreneurship, you have to do homework - No excuses.

If you finish your homework, I will get you username / password to the site, which is not free, $15 / month.

Question / Metrics: How would you feel if you no longer used our product?

Answer: We are bringing lots of entrepreneurs to our weekly investor round table, more than 30. If we don't utilize the product, the entrepreneurship learning is going to end. Most of the entrepreneurs will never see an investor.

Question / Recommendation: Have you recommended our product to anyone?

Answer: We have a weekly investor round table this week, 12/12/2019 at 2pm where we have already recommended the product to the entrepreneurs. If they use the product, as a bait, they will get membership to the website.

Question / Referrer: How did you discover our product?

Answer: We build the product, having expert agile development advocates, and lean startup influence, by Eric Ries and Sean Ellis behind us.

Question / Alternatives: What product would you use, if ours is not available?

Answer: Sean Ellis is launching some great tools for product market fit. We will use @growthhackers tools.

Question / Benefits: What are the primary benefits, using our product?

Answer: We need to connect with our customers, build a relationship and pivot on feedback. We need to identify agile development and lean startup users.

Question / Audience: What type of person would be using our product?

Answer: Any project manager, working within agile development framework, with full stack developers.

Any entrepreneur, looking to get invested by venture capital, must follow lean startup - customer development.

Question / Improvement: How can we improve our product to meet your needs?

Answer: Continue building more tools, for agile development and lean startup.

Project: Revenue

Customer: Vasanth S

Customer Development: Revenue - Customer Development

User: bahmed