Customer Development on Twitter

Description: We need to do customer development on twitter. There are lots of people, on #leanstartup hash tag on twitter. We all need a twitter account, for example @taoteshop and start following people, that are talking about lean startup.

We can also send them the link to our customer feedback loop, and have them answer the same questions. The questions are the same as recommended by Sean Ellis, the guru of lean startup. 

We can also invite them to join our weekly meeting.

I have whole bunch of twitter accounts, with over 1000 followers each. We can rename the account, and make it yours.

Please let me know if you are interested. Let's setup a time when we can spend 1 hour together, turn your profile into a brand.

Duration: 1 day

Priority: 1

Project: Twitter Project

Sprint: Branding Sprint

Backlog: Company Branding

Feedback: Joseph twitter account: @_lean_startup

Anoah twitter account: @_agile_master

shop twitter account: @taoteshop