Mission Statement - Customer Development

Description: Write a list of words that describe the mission statement for us. Please feel free to google the terms as help to the flow.

Duration: 1 week

Priority: 2

Project: Company Branding

Sprint: Branding Sprint

Backlog: Company Branding

Feedback: Hi Tedd, I search on google for, venture capital lean startup and found all studies at Stanford, MIT, Harvard, etc. top schools are the only ones that get this knowledge. We are making the product for common person. Huge value. I also searched for venture capital agile development and emailed a few places, to connect, for our demo. This is huge market! Also, we really need to help people on the call Thursday, groom them for highest virtue. Please ask them to setup 1-1 meeting with you. I am working with those people on skype daily, preparing for the meeting, get in the flow of agile development + lean startup.They are entrepreneurs from angel list, a lot of them are really young. They are our best branders. Value, Market, Virtue - Words that describe our venture. Talk soon!